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Millions of Americans suffer everyday from the very things designed to help them…. medical tape and bandages. Studies show that these medical necessities which help protect also create an array of maladies for the skin underneath.

But there is a solution to contact dermatitis: TapeRelief®.

TapeRelief® is a unique wound care treatment as well as skin maceration treatment guaranteed to alleviate skin irritation, blistering and rashes by creating a barrier between your sensitive skin and the sticky tape or bandage adhesive.TapeRelief® 

protects your skin without interfering with the performance of these products or their adhesive properties all while its unique formula soothes and renews.

Whether you’re a patient treating a wound, an athlete who regularly tapes, or have to apply bandages and tape for any reason, TapeRelief® is the perfect solution

Macerated Skin Treatment

Maceration is a condition that's caused by prolonged exposure to moisture on the skin or wound. This results in the skin softening and breaking down, usually to the point that it turns gray or white in color. One of the most common causes comes from maceration wound care.  When you apply a bandage or some kind of medical tape to an area of the skin, it has a good chance of getting wet and soggy due to draining from the wound, sweat buildup, and the lack of air flow. Though not necessarily an immediate, life-threatening risk, early skin maceration treatment is important, as it can be a very painful and unsightly condition. Instead of just focusing on macerated skin treatment, one should go a step further and consider prevention altogether.  


Thanks to the revolutionary formula behind TapeRelief®, that's now possible.  Simply apply this one-of-a-kind lotion to the wound or area of skin that's susceptible to excessive moisture, and it will protect your skin before it even happens. Even if you don't get to it in time, TapeRelief® can be used as a treatment option for skin maceration as well, with its natural antibacterial agent and soothing pain relief properties.


Millions of people suffer from this condition every year, and until now, there's been no quality option on the market.  TapeRelief® is an easy-to-use, fast-acting, and cost-effective solution to your skin malady woes. Don't wait -- check out our available size orders and get yours today.

Allergic Reaction to Bandage Adhesive

Having an allergic reaction to bandage adhesive is a fairly common occurrence. In fact, when adhesives are in contact with the skin for prolonged periods of time (hours to days), a skin rash can occur in up to 50% of people. Although it might not be the most severe or potentially harmful of conditions, it can cause a great deal of pain and itching and is downright aesthetically unappealing.

This kind of contact dermatitis, as the condition is known, can be almost impossible to avoid. Adhesives are typically applied in a variety of situations, such as with small cuts, forming or popped blisters, and when receiving IV treatment, to name a few. Athletic tape used on athletes is also a common cause.

Yet an allergy to bandage adhesive symptoms is not something you have to live with any longer thanks to TapeRelief®TapeRelief® is a topical ointment that can be applied directly to the skin before putting on any kind of adhesive to protect you from an allergic reaction.

TapeRelief® utilizes a unique formula not offered anywhere else, making it a pioneer in the field.

"I have pretty sensitive skin but with Tape Relief I don’t worry about irritation from the tape I use to cover sensitive surgical sites," said testimonial TapeRelief® supporter Ruth. "It goes on easily, is soothing to the skin, and one application lasts all day. It doesn’t burn on application either, and this is often a problem with other skin protection products."

The secret to the success of TapeRelief® lies in the formula. In addition to tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent which helps protect the skin from infection, we include organic oatmeal and aloe for their soothing properties. Most importantly, TapeRelief® received a 0 out of 4 on the Hypoallergenic scale, which means there are no ingredients in it that may cause an allergic reaction.

Stop the senseless suffering and try TapeRelief® today!

TapeRelief® Received a 0 out of 4 on the Hypoallergenic Scale

Rash & Reaction to Bandage Adhesive

Allergies can come from many things and in many forms. One of the most common allergies in the world is to latex. Unfortunately, latex is used in one of the world's most popular treatment methods: bandages. Bandages also can cause rashes on the skin from the sticky adhesive used to keep them in place. Until recently there was virtually no remedy to prevent an allergic reaction to bandage adhesives. Thanks to TapeRelief®, though, that's no longer the case.

TapeRelief® is an innovative lotion that's designed to protect susceptible skin from this type of allergy. By using a unique formula of ingredients that include tea tree oil, an antibacterial agent, and organic oatmeal TapeRelief® helps to prevent a rash from bandage adhesive from developing in the first place. The process is quick and easy. You simply take a dab of TapeRelief® and place it on the cut, scrape, laceration and any area of your skin that you will be applying the bandage to. Once you've waited a few moments for it to dry, you then apply the bandage as normal. It works by creating a barrier between your skin and the bandage, while also protecting the area from infection through the antibacterial agent. In addition, you also get the added benefit of soothing relief from the organic oatmeal.TapeRelief® is truly a one-of-a-kind solution as there's nothing else like it in the market today. If you've ever experienced a rash from bandage adhesives, or even just want the extra protection and relief from discomfort, be sure to try out our product today. Your skin will thank you.