US Marine

As a US Marine, I deployed to Afghanistan last year during the summer months. While on mission convoys, riding in an up-armored truck for hours on end, wearing over 100 lbs of gear in 128 degree heat, my balls would sweat and slide all over my leg like they were being sauteed in olive oil. I tried various powders only to have my balls looking like two powdered donut holes by the end of the day. I saw your product in a fitness magazine and decided to give it a try.

The first tube arrived damaged and it’s contents emptied out into the packaging. I sent an email offering to pay for better packaging but you all went above and beyond, sending me not one, but FIVE replacement tubes FREE of charge! I kept two and passed the other three out to other Marines.

On the very next convoy, I decided to try out Fresh Balls. Fucking INCREDIBLE!!! Even riding for 6 hours to our mission, despite sweating like a hooker in church, your product held up solidly as I probably could have struck a match on my balls they were so dry!

You staff and your product are AMAZING and you have a customer for LIFE!!!!


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