5 Sweaty Activities Fresh Balls Helps With

Posted by Brook frank- Owner Of Fresh Balls on Aug 4th 2017

Whether it’s all work or all play, one thing you shouldn’t have to suffer with is a sweaty sac. 

For something tucked and hidden away, the groin sure sweats like it’s done all the work for you. 

It’s time to keep your boys in check, so that you can be the man that your lifestyle demands. 

Fresh Balls is a product we have developed for just that! Say goodbye to sweat, itching, chaffing and odor, and say hello to a fresh new you. Fresh Balls is effective in numerous situations, and can be used for many activities. 

Exercising is one of them. Nothing makes you work up a sweat quite like a good, long workout and your boys are no exception. Fresh Balls is made to withstand the heat and prevent the moisture that accompanies such activities. Whether you’re toning those glutes, running laps, or lifting weights, Fresh Balls will spot you.

What about during a long day’s shift at work? No worries. Fresh Balls has you covered, literally. With a simple coating, Fresh Balls has been proven to last over eight hours. Even in jobs that are done in the blazing heat, Fresh Balls has withstood the test of elevated temperatures. A clean, dry groin will make any work day more pleasant, no matter the field of expertise. 

Are you a sports fanatic? Ever heard the expression ‘Go hard or go home?’ You shouldn’t have to ease up on your game because of a soaking in your sweats. Fresh Balls keeps your junk under wraps, whether you’re dunking, tackling, or scoring homeruns. 

Speaking of homeruns, what’s one way to impress a lady? No, it isn’t just about the size of the organ! It’s about the upkeep! Nothing turns a woman away running like a sweaty, stinky mess where your jewels are stored. Instead, keep them clean and free of odor with Fresh Balls powder. You’ll have more success with none of the mess! 

Maybe you’re just up for a night out on the town. You are dressed to the nines, you’re clean shaven, and you’re wearing that cologne that cost a pretty penny. You have just gotten into the swing of things when there’s an irritating itch in your crotch. Talk about ruining the vibe! Don’t let the rubbing and rash keep you from living it up. Instead, let Fresh Balls keep you from unpleasant chaffing throughout the night. It’ll last as long as you do, without the need for reapplying. 

So, go enjoy that drink, get down at the club, or wine em’ and dine em’ all night long. We’ll take care of the rest. No matter what the activity, or the amount of sweat you produce, we guarantee that Fresh Balls is up to the challenge. There is nothing quite as refreshing as the feel of Fresh Balls. So, give it a go. Trust us, your precious cargo will thank you later!