Fresh Balls Reviews

Posted by Brook Frank on Jul 13th 2017

So, you've heard a lot of hype about Fresh Balls. 

The question is, does it really work? 

Is this just another scam in order to pick people's pockets, or is this the sweet savior your body has been waiting for ?

Well, if you don't want to listen to me, maybe some reviews from the consumers will shed some light on it for you. 

Joe of Las Vegas says

" Even in 120 degree heat Fresh Balls keeps me dry and comfortable. I never leave home without it."

Dave from Miami wrote

" Fresh Balls is a lifesaver down here in Florida, whether I'm working on my yard or biking with my team, I know my boys will be comfortable!

Fresh Balls customers swear by this product. It has become the holy grail of sweat control. 

Even in temperatures above one-hundred degrees, this product has maintained it's rep. 

The best part is that customers claim that it lasts as long as they do! Whether it's bustin' your balls at work or just livin' it up, Fresh Balls keeps you fresh for over ten hours without needing to reapply. It can withstand those strenuous workouts, as well as fast-paced activities. Even if you just so happen to be sweaty by nature, this product will handle your jewels with just as much care. It is also glorified for it's ability to eliminate chaffing. While it rubs on like a lotion, it turns to a powder, keeping your thighs from rubbing together and your boys from stinging.

Fresh Balls does not smell medicinal like so many other products do. Instead, the scent is very light and sporty, though not detected while wearing clothes. The claims are extraordinary! It has even kept men with the toughest of jobs fresh all day long with no odor. 

The product comes in a 3.4 ounce bottle, and you only need a small amount to keep you fresh throughout the day. Fresh Balls is even held with such high esteem that it is often given as gifts and recommended to friends and co-workers by users. 

In fact, customers prefer this product to it's store bought counter parts. The fact that Fresh Balls also makes a foot and under-boob equivalent, just allows it's customer range to widen. Some woman have even claimed to use Fresh Balls for their thighs to prevent uncomfortable chaffing, especially while pregnant. To their satisfaction, it worked wonders for them. It is mess free since it applies like a cream, which seems to be a crowd-pleaser when it comes to application. However, the fact that it turns to a powdery substance leaves your package feeling fresh. The word 'swampy' will no longer be a term you have to use to describe your assets, nor will it be a feeling you will have to endure. Still uncertain? 

You can see the reviews for yourself on or even The proof is in the pudding, or in this case, the cream. So, don't just take my words for it. Take the word of the firefighters, construction workers, and athletes that hold Fresh Balls in highest regard. You'll find yourself pleasantly surprised and wonderfully dry. Don't wait around sitting in your own sweat. Take the leap! Your boys will thank you later!