Underboob Sweat This Summer? Try Fresh Breasts?

Underboob Sweat This Summer? Try Fresh Breasts?

Posted by Brook Frank on Jun 22nd 2017

I'm not sweating from my boobs, I'm sweating from my pectorals!

Hey, we get it, it's a touchy subject. 

As if sweating under your arms wasn't bad enough, now you have to worry about boob sweat? 

This may be enough for you to think about locking yourself up in your home with the air conditioner on full blast. But, have no fear, fresh boobs are here!

There are plenty of ways to keep your boobs from sweating and your clothes stain free. Let's start with Fresh Breasts! 

This is a formula designed for boob sweat. It goes on as a cream and dries as a non-talc powder. It is non-scented and free of parabens. 

This will keep your breasts dry and prevent chaffing which leads to irritation. 

This product was given five star reviews from others who have tested it. It's been proven to hold up through various activities. It can even be used to help the other sweat-ridden, parts of your body. 

There is also argan oil. This natural product has tons of uses, one of them being reducing breast sweat. A few drops under the boobs reduce how much sweat accumulates and even helps you keep a fresh scent throughout the day. It also helps soothe itching and irritation, and is also an anti-bacterial.

A little goes a long way too, so don't worry about breaking the bank with buying heaps of products. 

Another solution is good old fashioned baby powder. Soothing baby butts for years, and now, it can sooth your A bit of this sprinkled along your under-boob and it'll prevent sweating as well as heat rash. You could even use deodorant. If it's strong enough to hold up against the sweat of your pits, then it can be useful in other areas as well. 

There are even product such as 'Sweat Block', which are very strong antiperspirants.Some companies even offer antiperspirant specifically designed for breasts. However, if using these methods don't appeal to you, there is always the option of absorbent undershirts. 

Two of the best sweat resistant shirts are 'Sutran' and 'Nano-dri.' These are for more advanced cases of sweating, like if you were to seep through the regular undershirts on the market. It doesn't stop there, however. 

There are products specifically made for boob sweat. They are called 'Under-boob: Breast Sweat Absorbers.' They are very easy to use, and easy to conceal. Simply adjust to your width, and hook around your back and viola! It absorbs the sweat while still being comfortable against your skin. 

Even better? 

These breast saviors only run for about ten dollars. Rest easy, you have options! So, go ahead, enjoy the outdoors! Take a run, go for a hike, or simple strut your stuff around town! 

No-one should have to deal with boob sweat, and now, you don't have to! Fresh breasts are only a a click away. So, what are you waiting for? 

Get out there and enjoy your dry boobs- I mean, pectorals with Fresh Breasts!