Why Do My Balls Itch?

Posted by Brook Frank on Jun 6th 2017

Itching and scratching? 

Irritation and discomfort?

Itchy balls are the last thing any man wants to deal with. 

Not only is it uncomfortable, but you cant scratch your scrotum in public without receiving dirty looks. 

So, why are your balls itching? 

Good question, and we may just have the answer you're looking for! 

Often times, itchy testicles are the result of fungus.

I know what you're thinking, but calm down! It isn't uncommon and you aren't a dirty birdy.

In most cases, the fungus related to itchy balls is called 'Tinea Cruris' or 'Jock itch.' 

I'm sure you have heard this term before, but how do you identify it?

Well, often times Jock Itch is accompanied by a red, scaly rash.

Along the border of the rash you may even notice small pimples have formed. 

So, what cases it? 

Jock Itch fungi thrive in warm, moist places. 

If you are not changing into clean underwear at least once a day, keeping your groin dry and wearing cotton boxers, then you are putting yourself at risk of developing the itchy rash. 

You should also wash your goods everyday, preferably with unscented soaps, and dry them thoroughly after they are wet.  

In most cases, it is not contagious, although there are certain types that can be passed to others, including your partner. So just be aware, and treat yourself before spreading the 'love.' 

There are many products to treat Jock Itch, and luckily, it isn't usually a severe fungal infection. Most cases can be treated and fully cured. 

Very rarely are there incurable cases, that require more extensive medication and care. However, if you have concerns, consult your doctor. 

Other, more serious, causes of itchy testicles include herpes and genital warts. Herpes can cause itching, burning and blisters. 

Warts will often be soft to the touch and can pop up singularly or in clusters, sometimes resembling a cauliflower. 

These will need professional care. 

Another possibility is pubic lice. 

Creepy critters on your junk? 

Yeah, it sounds terrible. But there's ways to treat it. You may notice tiny white or yellow specs at the root of your pubic hairs. These are lice eggs. If you are unfortunate enough to see the vermin crawling around your jewels, they will be small tan or grayish-white. See your doctor, and they will help you identify and treat the infestation. 

If you have recently added something to your routine, you may have developed dermatitis. This is skin irritation that is usually caused by detergents, soaps, or certain fabrics. 

These are easily treatable and no cause for alarm. 

Chafing is also a major cause of an itchy scrotum. Luckily, this is easily treatable with certain lotions and is caused by simple friction of the skin. 

Lastly, you may have developed Intertrigo. This is skin inflammation which causes rash, often associated with crusty skin, oozing and foul odor. This can be caused by moisture, heat, lack of air circulation and friction between the fold of your skin. Anti-fungal cream will usually clear this up.

You can prevent many of these by using products that reduce the sweat of your balls, such as 'Fresh Body: Fresh Balls.' Keeping clean and dry are great measures against crotch fungi. Talk to your doctor for confirmation and proper diagnosis. 

Now that you know why your balls are itching, it's time to take care of business! So, take your hand out of your pants and treat your jewels to the care it needs!